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          Artist, Andrea Theocles gives new meaning to the word expressionism.

Captured by nature since she was a child, she has always searched for new adventures that would lead her to moments of inspiration and spirituality that she could express in her art.  Life changing experiences opened her up to a higher visionary vibration.  Andrea invites the observer to travel into her world of color and emotion, to share the subtle universal messages that have the potential to open their heart and mind. Andrea attempts to evoke the deep stirrings of love and passion that is inside all of us.  She tries to go one step beyond to a higher plane of feeling and emotion through color and a sense of movement.


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Andrea’s work can also be found at Expression Galleries of Fine Art

708 North Wells Street

Chicago, Illinois.

What we see is only a perception of what is real. Order is an illusion , and chaos is the birthplace of creation. Creation is pure energy...  and energy is abstract

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